My Site

(Why are you here?)


There are just so many sites on the Web that I thought, “Hey, why not clutter it some more?”  I’ve made my fair share of sites just to pollute the Web ecosystem, that it just made sense to make another.  This one is a little different, since it’s my personal, named site.  Great, huh?  I like it.

 Fine.  Who am I?  Scott.  What do I do?  Write software.  Where?  Not telling.  I’m usually a pretty private person, so you’d have to dig all that yourself.  I highly doubt you care, really.


Janet Riley


I have no idea who this lady is.  The photo came with my site’s template, and I wanted to leave it here in case someone found this site and thought, “Wow.  Lame.  No pics.”  So here’s a pic.  I highly doubt she has an MBA, but I’m going to leave that anyway.

“we need more books”

The Crew

There really is nobody behind the curtains


The people at the bottom of this section have been vying for this Web space ever since I made the site.  I’m sure they’re plotting against me and every other site that uses their stock photos.  The people staring out the window?  They’re playing Pokemon Go.  Nothing more.